Dugong Travel Phu Quoc Co., Ltd

Who we are?
An inspiring team of young travel experts in Phu Quoc island to serve travelers from all over the world. The professional travel consultants, well-trained guides and considerate customer service staff all work wholeheartedly to guarantee your best travel experience in Phu Quoc.

What we do?
Personalized and interactive travel services and consultancy for tours in Phu Quoc island including private and escorted tours, transfers, exploring nature at its very best, with a commitment to sustainable tourism protection.

To bring the best travel experiences to our clients in Phu Quoc island and at the same time do our best assisting efforts to help prevent poaching, protect and save the endangered large marine mammal dugongs in the water of Phu Quoc, creating awareness and raising fund in order to support these activities, giving back to the community.

Dugong Travel goes extra miles to setup hand picked excursions in Phu Quoc island, from visits to notorious sight-seeings on the island including historical and religious relics, lush jungles’ springs to the sites of local producers of blackberry liquor and fish sauce. Fishing, snorkeling and diving trips to the offshore of the island bring a real experience to witness to beauty of the underwater world and fun

-Hotels  & transfers reservation, car rental

-Tailor-made tours & excursions: sight-seeings, fishing & snorkeling, cruising, diving, trekking, biking.

-Travel insurance & Tourist guides

-M.I.C.E  tours

Personalized & trustful services
We conduct consistent level services with strong local expertise and great insights. We just want you to fall in love with Phu Quoc island, receiving our best advice on getting the most out of your visit.

Travel that’s tailored to your interests.
Whether our client is a budding photographer, a natural history enthusiast, a parent looking for a great family trip, or a traveler seeking an active adventure, they’ll find an array of opportunities that fit their passions and interests.

Commitment to sustainable tourism
Our strong commitment to help save the endangered dugongs in Phu Quoc,  protect the environment and to conduct sustainable tourism.

Our fleet which is used for airport transfers and excursions, as well as group handling consists of luxury vehicles from 4 seater sedan to 45 seater busses as well as mini-busses driven by experienced and in tourism educated drivers. They are all in compliance with the latest tourism quality and safety standards.

Profile Information

Company name:  Dugong Phu Quoc Travel Co., Ltd.
Commercial Title:  Dugong Travel
Established:  2014
Business Reg. No:  1701987114
Head office:  Group 02, Duong To Hamlet,   Duong To Commune, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang, Vietnam
Telephone:  +84 77 3608998;  Fax:  +84 77 3608998
General email:  info@dugongtravel.com
Website:  www.dugongtravel.com
Fanpage:  facebook.com/dugongtravel

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