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Explore Vibrant Duong Dong Town In Phu Quoc Island Vietnam

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Duong Dong Phu Quoc Introduction | What To See | What To Do | Where To Eat | Accommodations | Map Duong Dong (pronounced “Sa-zoo-ong Dong” and in Vietnamese: Dương Đông) is the largest town in Phu Quoc, Vietnam and it also the administrative capital of the island. The town is...

Phu Quoc Food Guide – Where to eat on the island

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Where To Eat On Phu Quoc Island Phu Quoc contains a medley of restaurants that offer a host of different types of international and Vietnamese cuisine. Being an island, Phu Quoc is a mecca for seafood lovers and you will be overwhelmed by the choice of fresh fish and shellfish on...

How To Get To Phu Quoc Island

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Getting There | Flights to Phu Quoc | Ferry to Phu Quoc | Cruise Ships | Cambodia to Phu Quoc | Phu Quoc is an island archipelago (593 sq km) consisting of 28 islands located off the southern coast of Vietnam in the Gulf of Thailand. At 574 sq km, Phu Quoc Island, is the largest...

99 Things To See and Do on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam

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Most people visit Phu Quoc to escape their day-to-day lives and enjoy a holiday on an island known to have some of the best beaches in all of Vietnam. However Phu Quoc has more than just beaches. It is an extremely diverse island where paradise and culture come together. Picking...

Discover Phu Quoc Island [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam was once a sleepy backpacker retreat renowned for its fish sauce, pearl and black pepper production. Today this tiny heart shaped island is on the cusp of becoming Asia’s next top holiday destination. There are plenty of activities for adventure seekers...
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